Dermal Cheek Fillers

Dermal cheek fillers - Darwen Aesthetics

When we age the cheeks are one of the first places we loose volume, so dermal cheek fillers can give you that fresh youthful appearance taking years off your face by rejuvenating your look.

Cheek enhancement not only resolves sunken cheeks but by giving that scaffold it can also make improvements to other areas of the face for example the nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) can be subtlety improved. Using dermal fillers for cheeks doesn’t completely treat other areas of the face but for most people it’s one of the places where treatment needs to start to give that balance before the rest of the face is treated.


Dermal Cheek Filler Aftercare

  • Avoid make up before and after treatment
  • Avoid touching the area if you need to touch the area for any reason hands must be sanitised beforehand.
  • Avoid Saunas, sun-beds, gyms until swelling has gone down
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before and after treatment.
  • Avoid Aspirin, Ibuprofen or any blood thinning medications
  • Dermal filler likes water so stay hydrated
  • We always recommend a daily SPF and no make up until the area is healed.
  • If you have any concerns you must get back in touch with the treating clinician for advice.
Dermal cheek fillers - Darwen Aesthetics

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are dermal cheek fillers?

The price or cost of cheek fillers depends on each person and the amount of volume or fat/bone loss that has occurred on an individual. Consultations are free and every treatment is tailored to each individual. The consultation allows us to discuss what is needed and if this treatment is right for you giving you the outcome you are looking for. If you have a thin face with minimal fat layers its possible for some people to need just 1ml of dermal filler. The majority of people will need on average 2ml of filler or sometimes up to 3ml. Prices for cheek filler at Darwen Aesthetics start from £230.

How long do cheek fillers last?

Cheek fillers on average can last for 12-18 months. The dermal filler of choice for us is Teoxane Ultra Deep and Teosyal RHA4. This allows us to take a multi layering technique. The ultra deep product gives a good base for the deep layers of bone loss. The Teosyal RHA4 is a versatile mailable filler which works well both deep and superficially giving fantastic long lasting results.

Possible dermal fillers side effects

When looking for a practitioner for any aesthetic treatments they should look at a full medical history and be clear on any side effects and risks of treatments. You should be making an informed decision and be fully aware of the risks and benefits of each treatment.

– Vascular occlusion and vascular comprimise
One of the main talked about risks of dermal fillers is vascular occlusions and vascular compromises. Vascular occlusions are when filler is injected into an artery and blocks the oxygen supply. Vascular compromise is when filler is injected around an artery and reduces or stops blood flow. The risk of this happening is small when using safe injection techniques but should still be discussed before treatment. Your practitioner should be fully trained and competent in managing any complications. If an occlusion occurred the filler would be dissolved and if a compromise occurred it can be managed on occasion without having to dissolve the filler. It is up to your practitioner to manage this safely good communication and acting quickly are key in these situations.

– Swelling and bruising
These are both common side effects but the severity can vary greatly on each individual with some people not bruising at all.

– Reactions
Reactions to dermal cheek fillers can range in severity some can occur within hours or minutes after treatment and others can take months and may lead to late onset nodules developing. This again is a small risk but should be discussed with your practitioner.


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